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The 8 cases (inpatient) which were initially piloted.

Case 1A (Frustration: DKA)

Case 2A (Floundering: Rheumatic Fever)

Case 3A (Futility: Neonatal Resuscitation)

Case 4A (Failure: Shock & Malnutrition)

Case 1B (Frustration: Pneumonia)

Case 2B (Floundering: LIP)

Case 3B (Futility: Spinal Cord Injury)

Case 4B (Failure: Nephrotic Syndrome vs. Kwashiorkor)

Additional Inpatient Cases

New cases developed by members of the SUGAR community.

Additional Pediatric Inpatient Cases

Case 1C (Frustration: Status Asthmaticus)

Case 3C (Futility: Non-Accidental Burn)

Obstetrics & Gynecology Cases

Case 1D (Frustration: Hypertension in Pregnancy)

Case 2D (Floundering: Female genital mutilation)

Case 4D (Failure: Septic Abortion)

Community Cases

New community based/outpatient cases developed by members of the SUGAR Community.

Community Case 1 (Floundering: Rape)

Community Case 2 (Floundering: Neglect)

SUGAR CANE (Cases about Non-Medical Experiences)

A new series developed by members of the SUGAR community which focuses on non-medical/systems challenges which may arise when traveling to work in a resource-limited setting.

CANE Case 1 (Floundering: Rabies)


A subset of surgical based cases.

SURGE Case 1 (Abdominal Mass)

SURGE Case 2 (Rabies)

SURGE Case 3 (Ascariasis)

SURGE Case 4 (Hypovolemic shock)

SURGE Case 5 (Acute Appendicitis)

SURGE Case 6 (Tetanus)

SURGE Ortho Case 1 (Orthopedic Injury)


A subset of emergency medicine based cases.

EM Case 2 (Tamponade)

EM Case 3 (AML)

EM Case 4 (Sepsis)