What is SUGAR?

Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR) is a simulation-based curriculum used to prepare medical providers for common challenges (both practical and emotional) faced when working in resource-limited settings. This website is intended to provide the necessary training for facilitators interested in bringing SUGAR to their institutions and to provide a forum for the dozens of SUGAR facilitators already leading sessions across the country.
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SUGAR Partners


PEARLS stands for Procedural Education for Adaptation to Resource Limited Settings and is a SUGAR Spin-Off Curriculum. Are you treating an infant in respiratory distress but you don't have access to a ventilator? Do you have a patient with a complicated pleural effusion but you don't have a chest tube drainage system? Providers working in resource-limited settings must routinely modify the way they perform procedures using available supplies and creative problem solving and these video PEARLS organize and disseminate some of these strategies for performing procedures in resource-limited settings. Learn more...